Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Starfish Flip-Flops

Do you remember my Starfish design?
Well I mocked up some Flip-Flops to celebrate my result in the Spoonflower Ditsy Competition. I came 28th with 320 votes and there were 214 designs entered in the competition.
There is still room for improvement but I am very pleased.
I can imagine that a pair of wellington boots would also look great with this design on them... to walk along the beach in the winter months.


  1. Hi there, sorry I haven't been commenting here lately. I let small things get the better of me and descend into self-depricating spirals of unnecessary woe.

    To the point then;
    I think these are FAB. If I had a girlfriend I would buy these for her right away. And the wellingtons. :)

    1. Will get on with mock up of wellies...
      Thanks xxx

      (Big hugs for "self-depriciating spirals of unnecessary woe")

  2. you know me and flip flops,can never have too many can these be my next pair please xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi, (Thanks for stopping by) I just knew you would like my flip-flops.
      P.S. exactly how many pairs of flip-flops do you own?