Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A good idea?

I have had a few good ideas this week, and all at once, which caused quite a headache. The most important idea I had was to join the "Do what you love" e-course, which means that I will starting the first module on 23rd April and for sure you will be hearing a lot about it on my blog.

Another bright idea I had was to create a new label, "A pattern a day", which means just that. I will be posting one design everyday for the month of March. It will be a good exercise for me to design and "finish" a pattern everyday. It will give me a chance to experiment with different colours, techniques and styles, without having a definite brief to follow. This means there will be no creative restrictions... can't wait. So remember to look back tomorrow for my first pattern, and, please feel free to comment!

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