Thursday, July 19, 2012

Patternbase book project

Patternbase began in May of 2011 and was created by Kristi O'Meara. A great resource and place of inspiration for surface pattern designers it has rapidly gained success and is now about to publish its first book PATTERNBASE: A Book of Contemporary Textile & Surface Design. The good (GREAT) news is that TWO of my designs have been chosen and will be included in the book! You can see my designs below.

Love Leaves © Dawn Clarkson
A big thank you to Kristi or giving me this super opportunity to showcase my work.
A few of my fellow e-course students have also had their work chosen, congratulations to Maria Jose Bautista V, and Jennie Whitham.

Birds of a feather © Dawn Clarkson


  1. Congratulations to you all! So annoyed that I missed the submission date for this...didn't see it on the flickr discussion board until it as too late!

  2. Congratulations Dawn!!! Love the leaf design of yours!!!

  3. Congrats Dawn, and thank you so much for linking to my site!!!
    I'm so happy about this news, and can't wait to see the book ready with all of our work!!! ^_^