Friday, July 27, 2012

Plastic Memories


I have been trying all day to upload my scarf design for the Beta Fashion contest. My scarf is named Plastic Memories and was meant to be part of the Heaven's Door project. I think their site is down or just not working. It may have been on overload as it is the last day to submit your entries. So after a very frustrating afternoon I have finally given up and am posting my entry here on my blog.

I did have some SUPER news this afternoon which you will be hearing about on my blog in a couple of weeks time. It is TOP SECRET so I will have to keep Mum for a while. The news certainly was the turning point in my stressful day. :)


  1. Good news, Mum's the word,enjoy

  2. Very nice design Dawn! Did you get to upload it at the end? I wanted to participate too, but I really hate skulls so I didn't feel the theme and couldn't get any real inspiration :(

    Very curious to know what the great news is!!! o_O (hihihi)

    1. Yes I did manage to upload in the end because they extended the deadline for another 24 hours... and you still have today to vote for my entry, hint, hint
      Nice to hear from you, hope all is well. I am working soooo hard can't wait for a little break, but I must keep going until I publish my GREAT news! xx