Sunday, November 4, 2012

'Mani Sunday' by Maria Jose Bautista Vargas

This is just a very quick note to talk about Majo who does a regular post on her blog La Patisserie des Idees called Mani Sunday, and this week it just happens to feature my nail designs called Star Bits. Majo recreates nail designs and patterns created by fellow ABSPD students for a project which we did a while back.

This is typical of Majo's fun loving approach to design. It is such a great idea and she has already completed over 15 reproductions from designs which we send to her, you can also see some of the others here. Although I'm sure it involves quite a lot of hard work it really makes me smile... well done Majo!

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  1. you are just the SWEETEST Dawn!!! Thank you so much for blogging about my Mani Sundays here and for always having nice and kind words about me :)