Friday, November 2, 2012

Sneaky peek 2

Believe me I am working hard... but that also means working NOT so hard on my blog, if you get my drift. If anyone is missing my posts (fine chance) here is a little snippet to last you until next week.

I am working on some 'collections' which will be part of my new website. Hoping to have lots of patterns to chose from I am leaving the choice until the very last minute.
This design is part of my 'Pretty in pink' collection. It originated from my doodleboard scribbles and I have surprised myself at how pretty the finished design is. For now it has been included in my Iconemesis Love Illustration collection of iphone 4 cases... but I have bigger dreams for it!
Hope you like it. Happy weekend to all x


  1. What is the actual difference between cases and iPhone 4S covers. I never get to differentiate them.

    1. I would say they are exactly the same thing! A case is a cover and a cover is a case... I think.