Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Rose!

You may have noticed that my blog posts have diminished over the last few weeks. 
I have been working very hard in the "posh gift shop" in Turin, it is a hive of lovely gifts for the home so this is our most busy time of year. 

We are coming up to the final few days before Christmas and the clients are becoming more and more demanding and frenetic in their search for the lastest gadget or gift seen in some convincing TV advert. I on the other hand am becoming more and more tired (my patience ran out ages ago) aching feet, sore hands and a brain refusing to work anymore don't help the general situation.

I have stopped doing any normal things like shopping, cleaning, eating, even sleeping.  Any enthusiasm I may have had for the festive season has long ago been forced to the back of my mind and has died under the weight of the "Christmas Marathon" we endure every year.

My design projects have been put a side for a while. I have little time to myself and it is very frustrating (I am in pattern abstinence) even if I try to design something late into the night my brain is numb and the results are not what I hoped for. The pressure of the Christmas delirium has forced me to hang up my pencils and paints for a while (I end up doing this every year) and wait for Christmas Day to come round as quickly as possible.

Yesterday I noticed this beauitful Rose, it is the only colourful thing in my garden at the moment and I think it is a little out of season to say the least. A beautiful red flower which has decided to join in the festive madness. Needless to say it cheered me up lots and I snapped a quick photo of it on my way back into the Christmas afternoon lunacy. :)

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