Friday, December 14, 2012

EFUTO picture envelopes

Efuto means decorated envelope in Japanese and I have been creating lots of them. 
This came about through a great idea by Gill Eggleston who has set up a surface pattern directory where more than 50 designers show their work on a hand drawn envelope. To take part we had to design two envelopes, one as our directory submission and one to post to another participant. 

Here is where the fun begins, not for Gill who is working hard to complete the design directory, but for all of the other 50 or so participants! Over the last couple of months gorgeous colourful envelopes have been making their way around the world. Infact I received a beautiful one from Carrie Tasman in Oregon U.S.A. and I have posted mine to Dawn Rae Conery in Maine U.S.A.

With a little cutting, sticking and doodling I made quite a few envelopes. I did'nt trust the Italian post, and rightly so, because when I went to the post office they refused to take my first attempts. So I just bought some stamps and trusted luck... and all three came back!
Below you can see the envelope I have posted to Dawn in Maine. It has an Italian/Christmas theme as the Italian flag is green, red and white. The colours reminded me so much of Christmas and, of course, it is also that time of year (if you hadn't already noticed). I also made a little card to pop in with the envelope and I have my fingers crossed that the envelope and card will get to her in one piece... it has a long way to travel and right in the middle of the Christmas rush!

Good Luck to my little EFUTO x


  1. Replies
    1. Wonderful! This has been a really fun experience. I just love your design and look forward to finding it in my mailbox! Merry Christmas and thank you! Huggs. Dawn Conery

  2. How sweet of you all to comment. THANKS x

  3. just so festive. loved them all.x