Thursday, December 6, 2012

Turin - Luci d'Artista

If you visit Turin at the moment you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of Luci d'Artista. Already in its 15th year, Luci d'Artista transforms the city with stunning light installations designed by both Italian and International artists and it has become a regular event for both locals and tourists alike. 
Monte dei Cappuccini. 
Little Blue Spirits by Rebecca Horn. Ph. Fabrizio Zanelli

Piazza San Carlo. 
Kingdom of Flowers by Nicola De Maria. Ph. Fabrizio Zanelli

Every year new lights are added and the existing lights are moved round so that by changing the backdrop the lights gain a new meaning. The fabulous historical centre of Turin is what makes the event so special for me a mixture of history and modern art together to create a unique atmosphere. Majestic buildings and long rows of porticoes, early 20th century arcades and the oldest squares in Turin are all dressed up to their best to create this great "neon" festival.

Via Pietro Micca. 
Planetarium by Carmelo Giammello. Ph. Fabrizio Zanelli
Via Po. 
Birds by Francesco Casorati. Ph. Fabrizio Zanelli
Of the 19 installations only a couple have a hint of Christmas in them. The event is designed not to have a Christmas theme but to bring works of contemporary art together and make them more beautiful by their open air settings. Luci d'Artista is a must for the cold months when the true winter personality of Turin shines through.
Palazzo Madama, Piazza Castello
Ph. Fabrizio Zanelli
Piazza Palazzo di Città. 
Tappeto Volante by Daniele Buren. Ph. Fabrizio Zanelli
Galleria Subalpina. 
Energy that Unites by Marco Gastini. Ph. Fabrizio Zanelli
Luci d'Artista can be enjoyed from November 3rd, 2012 until the January 13th, 2013. You can see a map and the full list of works here.

All the above photographs are by Fabrizio Zanelli © 2009 - 2012, and they can be seen along with many more on his super blog called TorinoDailyPhoto. Fabrizio lives in Turin and likes to take photographs of daily life in Turin. His blog is full of brilliant photographs which depict many interesting and 'quirky' aspects of this beautiful city.