Saturday, May 10, 2014

World Lupus Day 2014 - Butterfly Showcase 2

This second Butterfly showcase is really just a continuation of the first post, showing fun, colourful and beautiful drawings all made by children. Today is World Lupus Day and what a better way to celebrate than looking at some super butterfly designs? The first five drawings below continue the collection drawn by 7 and 8 year olds, class 2A, from the Scuola Alessandro Manzoni, Moncalieri, Turin.

© Chiara and Luca Borgogno. Ages 13 and 11
Above is a super design by brother and sister who decided to do a drawing together, so sweet! To conclude the children's showcases, please enjoy these butterflies drawn by 7 and 8 year olds from Turin.

Alberto Contona. Age 7

Carlotta Buzzi. Age 7
Christian Poretta. Age 7
Cristian Cabiduu. Age 7
Cristina B.
Elena Romano. Age 7
Elena Gemello. Age 8
Elisabetta F. Age 8
Federico Grosetto. Age 7
Filippo B. Age 7
Franceso Insalata. Age 7
Gabriella Sallustio. Age 7
Ilario Bellone. Age 7
Nicolò Fracchiolla. Age 7
Riccardo Maraletti. Age 7
Riccardo T. Age 8
Sara Pacotto. Age 8
Stefano. Age 7
Vittoria Pizzi. Age 7
I hope you have enjoyed the second and last children's Butterflies for Lupus 2014 showcase. You can also continue to scroll down the page to see the drawings posted earlier. The whole collection is available to see HERE on Pinterest. Please come back later to see some fabulous butterfly designs created by professional designers and adults. 
See you then.


  1. So much beauty on one page! A joy to browse through. Thank you. ♥

  2. Thank you Shelly for stopping by :)