Saturday, May 10, 2014

World Lupus Day 2014 - Butterfly Showcase 3

Welcome to the third and final showcase which includes designs from adults and professional designers. It is another long post so get yourself a nice cup of tea, relax and enjoy! Just a reminder that we are here to celebrate World Lupus Day and for every design that you see here today I will be making a small donation to LUPUS UK. Please take a moment to read about Lupus and increase your awareness of the disease. If you missed out on the children's showcases earlier just continue to scroll down after this post is finished... I can assure you it is well worth the effort.

© Dawn Clarkson 2014
© Thomas Fummo 2014
© Anneline Sophia 2014

© Sonal Nathwani 2014

© Shelly Penko 2014

© Jan Shepherd 2014

© Annette Plummer 2014

© Salvina Lo Monaco 2014
© Isabella Schirripa 2014

© Ann Clarkson 2014

© Tokzhan Ibragimora 2014
© Antonio Bosio 2014
© Frances Boyd 2014

© Bethania Lima 2014
© Camilla Torna 2014
Last but definitley not least... a special treat, a super 'original' design from Milvia!

© Milvia 2014
All the designs from this post can be seen HERE on Pinterest, and a reminder that the children's showcase can also be seen on Pinterest HERE. You can also just continue to scroll down and see the previous two posts below if you like.
I do hope that you have enjoyed the lovely butterfly designs on show today. I am amazed to say that I had a total of 99 designs sent to me. A big thank you to everyone who participated and helped to make the day so special for me. If you should feel inspired by these posts and you would like to send me a butterfly design I will include it on one of the Butterflies for Lupus boards on Pinterest.
Next week I will be posting news of today's showcases and of what the initiative has achieved, until then, xx


  1. Wonderful, from beginning to end!

  2. Thank you Carrie, your butterflies look great. So glad that you sent the to me. x

  3. Such amazing butterflies, all of them. Thanks for including me Dawn.

    1. You are very welcome Ellie, thanks so much for participating :)