Saturday, May 10, 2014

World Lupus Day 2014 - Butterfly Showcase 1

Today is 'World Lupus Day', to commemorate this event I am excited to showcase lots of beautiful butterfly designs which I have collected from friends and fellow designers. The images have arrived from all over the world and have been created by people and of all ages... from 3 to 80! There are so many that I have had to split the designs into three different batches, there will be two children's showcases and then later I will post the adults and professional designers together. The posts are very long because of the number of designs so have patience and enjoy.
Just a little word about Lupus. It is a chronic disease which can affect anyone at any age, it is hard to diagnose and the exact causes of the condition are still unknown. Lupus, considered to be a rare disease is becoming more and more common. The butterfly is universally accepted as the symbol which represents the disease. To raise awareness I have decided to organise this event every year on the 10th May for World Lupus Day, I donate a small sum to LUPUS UK for every design I receive. This year the initiative has already gained more attention and I have received many butterfly designs, who knows what next year will bring? Ideally I would like everyone to take five minutes to read a little about Lupus and then dive into my little world of butterfly designs... please enjoy. 
We start off with some fabulous butterflies drawn by 4 and 5 year olds from the Scuola Materna dell'Istituto Calasanzio dei Padri Scolopi di Empoli, Florence. 
A special thank you goes to Claudia Ghezzi.

Nice eh?

So many lovely 'smiley' butterflies.


Now a few individual designs which have been lovingly sent to me.

Gherardo Campori age 6

Giorgia Allemandi age 7
Giorgio Bergna age 6

Giorgio Frignani age 6

Francesca V. age 3 (artist unknown)

Maddalena Rossi age 6

Mario Bergna age 10

Rebecca Chiekh age 3
To conclude the first children's showcase, enjoy these butterflies drawn by 7 and 8 year olds, class 2A, from the Scuola Alessandro Manzoni, Moncalieri, Turin. 
A special thank you goes to Ski Team Jouvenceaux, a few Mums, and some very willing teachers!



I hope you have enjoyed the first installment of Butterflies for Lupus. Please come back later to see the second installment of fabulous butterfly designs created by children. 
See you then.


  1. What a lovely start to the day! Some wonderful butterflies by the children. I look forward to the other posts later. Well done all :-)

  2. Wonderful enjoyed. Looking forward to more. Polly x