Sunday, May 10, 2015

World Lupus Day 2015 - Butterfly Showcase 1

Welcome to the Butterflies for Lupus showcase. Finally it is time to reveal the beautiful butterfly designs which have been created to celebrate World Lupus Day 2015. I have collected the designs from all over the world, from children, friends and fellow designers of all ages. It will be a busy day, you will need to visit my blog four times to see all of the designs. The final post of the day will include links to the Pinterest boards where you can see all the designs together, and where they will remain so that you can Pin and share them. The posts are very long so please have patience and enjoy. 
Before we begin a little word about Lupus. It is a chronic disease which can affect anyone at any age, it is hard to diagnose and the exact causes of the condition are still unknown. Lupus, considered to be a rare disease is becoming more and more common. The butterfly is universally accepted as the symbol which represents the disease. To raise awareness I have decided to organise this event every year on the 10th May for World Lupus Day, I donate a small sum to LUPUS UK for every design I receive. In it's third year the initiative is growing rapidly and I believe it really does help to create interest towards the disease. Ideally I would like everyone to take five minutes to think a little about Lupus and what it means and then dive into my little world of butterfly designs.
We begin with some butterflies drawn by 6 and 7 year olds. A special thank you goes to Thomas Fummo for his invaluable help in collecting them.
Silvia. Age 6
Zoe. Age 6
Emma. Age 6
Lisa. Age 7
Greta. Age 6
Gaia. Age 6
Beatrice. Age 6
Davide. Age 6
Fabio. Age 6
Giada. Age 6
Gabriele. Age 6
Jacopo. Age 7
Federica. Age 7
Angelica. Age 7
Rebecca. Age 7
Sofia. Age 7
Elena. Age 6
Sofia M. Age 7

Now it's time to glance at some fabulous butterfly designs created by my 'English' students from the Don Milani School in Venaria, Turin, Italy.
Virginia Orsini
Aurora Cappai
Gaia Cancilla
Zaccaria Asselane
Sofia Bastillo
Martina D'Errico
Lorenzo Bardella
Alessia Militello
Federica Zecchinato
Alessandro Giuliani

Well I do hope you all have enjoyed seeing the first 28 butterfly designs created to celebrate World Lupus Day 2015. Please come back later to find yet another Children's gallery with some very creative designs! See you in a very short while.

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