Sunday, May 10, 2015

World Lupus Day 2015 - Butterfly Showcase 3

Now we can begin to view the designs created by 'Adults and Designers' to celebrate World Lupus Day 2015 and to increase awareness for the disease. This is the first of two showcases where you will find some quite beautiful creations to help make this day a happy one and full of inspiration. Please enjoy.
Christine Heyworth
Joni Barriere. Studio LuLu
Gillian Lees
Esther Bley
Gabriella Buckingham
Sergio Sbicego
Claudia Ghezzi
Salvina Lo Monaco
Ally Bryan
Frances Boyd
Mimi Hammill
Thomas Fummo.
Carla Jennings
Isabella Schirripa
Maike Thoma. Pattern Jots.
Chiara Diack
Ann Clarkson
Dawn Marino
Sonal Nathwani
Jessica Wilde.
If you like what you have seen up until now, you will not be let down with my last and final showcase which will be online soon. I hope you are having an enjoyable and inspiring World Lupus Day, I am! If you have missed any of the showcases, just scroll down to view the earlier posts. See you in a while for the last and final batch of fabulous butterfly designs and the links to Pinterest boards where the designs will remain.