Sunday, May 10, 2015

World Lupus Day 2015 - Butterfly showcase 4

And now to our last showcase. This year I have saved my entry until the very last so you will find it at the bottom of the page. Every butterfly design we have seen today has been unique. Butterflies made into patterns, painted, crayoned, sketched, in abstract or representational styles, and last but not least made from origami and embroidered. It has been fun to see all the creations and for me extremely moving to think that all these people have taken time to make these designs for me!
Lucia Duclos
Gisella Guglielminotti
Teresa Hollins
Lindsay Buck
Annette Kirstine Designs
Julia Grifol Designs
Miranda Mol
Jan Shepherd. Patternmuse
MaryJane Mitchel
Bethania Lima
Don Masse
Elizabeth McGarrigle
Holly Helgeson
Ruby Helgeson. Age 6

Little Ruby earned her place in the Adults showcase because she worked on her design with her Mom. It is so sweet to see the two designs together. However Ruby, I would watch out if I were you as I think Mommy might have been copying you a bit.
Martina Capone

Ciana Bodini - Print on Paper
Piia Podersalu
Nicky Ovitt
Victoria Johnson
Ellie Fidler
Dawn Clarkson
I am pleased to say that the third edition of the Butterflies for Lupus initiative has been a great success. At the last count, 97 designs and some generous donations from a few of the participants make all this hard work worthwhile. World Lupus Day comes round once a year and for me is a chance to talk about the disease and try to raise awareness. I hope you have enjoyed the designs by adults and designers from all over the world. Below you will find links to both Pinterest Boards where it is possible to see all the designs together. 
Children's Designs.
Adults and Designers.
Next week there will be a post with thanks and news of my donation to LUPUS UK, until then, Dawn x


  1. Wow, well done, this is a beautiful display of butterflies!

  2. Chiara, glad to hear you have enjoyed it all :)

  3. I love your butterfly design Dawn! It's just beautiful!

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