Monday, May 30, 2011

Bicycle Clip page markers

Today the postman delivered these lovely Bicycle Clip page markers. They are a present from a very dear friend who knows we are bicycle mad in our house. Not only do I adore them but I can't help but post them on my blog as they are just the thing I am looking out for all the time. The design is great, the packaging too and they are just a "fun" object to have around.

On the back of the pack I found this web address so you can order them online here at
NPS - Gifts for all. Have a look in the stationery bit... they also have some moustache clips, which would be great if you know someone with a moustache!

So my bicycle clips will be put to good use as from immediately, who knows they may help me keep my studio a bit tidier... ha ha. Its a shame that in this household there is someone else who loves bikes so I have ended up with the yellow one and the black one... never mind.

P.S. Super thanks to my friend who sent them to me as a gift. There were also other things in the package so thanks for those too.

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