Thursday, May 5, 2011

Giro d'Italia

To celebrate the unification of Italy which took place 150 years ago the Giro d'Italia is starting from Turin which was the first Italian Capital. The first cycle stage will be a team time trial starting and ending in Turin. 

So Turin has been making space for the "Corsa Rosa". Everything has been prepared and everywhere decked out in the shocking pink which is the traditional colour of the winning jersey. Turin has also prepared her monuments: Palazzo Carignano (the first Italian Parliment) has been restored to its former glory; the Mole Antonelliana has a Red, White and Green collar on the spire; and the Reggia di Veneria is hosting the start from the gigantic palace courtyard (a wonderful setting). A good chance to show off the city Turin.

Everybody has gone cycling mad and you find bikes in the most surprising places, like hanging on the outside wall of a Hotel, or a topiary cyclist in the middle of a roundabout to name a couple. I'm sure there are hundreds more, every shop window has a bike in it, or a jersey, a cycling trophy or a poster of a famous Italian cycling champion, the whole city has gone cycling mad!

Being a person who loves cycling and bikes, I'm finding the whole thing quite yummy.

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