Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fabric owls - bits and pieces

These are two of my fabric designs which I hope will form part of my first collection which I intend to sell on Spoonflower. I could'nt resist posting them already as I am enjoying myself so much designing owl fabrics. I should'nt really post them now as maybe the final result will be quite different from what you see here. However, I intend to do a professional job and produce at least four designs in the series and maybe a couple of colour ways.

The fabrics are inspired by my own designs which I used for my T t'owl (see March 2011 post), they are evolving and already have flowers for eyes which is very 70's (also inspired by another post see November 2010), so maybe I should go for a more 70,s colour scheme? I am very pleased with the results so far, will keep you posted.


  1. finnaly got there,have sent you an email as well as technology was far too advanced for the grey matter!!LOVE owl fabric xx

  2. Thanx for comment.
    I have loads of owl fabrics coming along nicely, but not much time to post them on my blog!
    P.S. got your e-mail ta...