Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kill two birds with one stone

This is a double NICE post. LAGOM DESIGN e HELEN DARDIK.

I realised yesterday that LAGOM Design was not in my list of Web Niceties. You must go and have a browse. It is a lovely, lovely, LOVELY "Modern Design and Paper Shop" where you can buy online. It offers the most wonderful items, lots of greetings card designs and much more as well.

So now to my second nicety, Tuileries. A gorgeous set of 12 greetings cards by the talented Helen Dardik designed exclusively for Lagom of course. At a mere £1.88 each I might have to buy the whole lot! I have chosen 2 to show you. The designs are wonderful and the colours even nicer.


  1. No, Dawn! Leave those poor birds alone :,(

    ooh, those look nice :)

  2. I had'nt realised but the green card on the right has two birds in the design!
    (This has nothing to do with the saying "Kill two birds with one stone" which I have used for my title... its obviously because I have managed to include two Nice things in one post... but you knew that anyway.)

    Do you really like them... does that mean I am educating you towards more "Fancy" things?
    Love xx

  3. maybe you are, Dawn.

    maybe you are...