Monday, October 22, 2012

Dream Design 11 - Gillian Hollingsworth

On Dream Designs today I welcome Gillian Hollingsworth of Worthy Designs who is based in Dublin, Ireland. Although she graduated with an Honours Degree in Fashion Design she is now pursuing a career in the fascinating world of surface pattern design.The pattern featured below was chosen by Gillian and she has kindly described her aspirations for it. 


My work tends to lean towards the interiors market so my dream product application would be for the home. A cushion with my design on sale in Anthropolgie???? A girl can dream!
So the design I've chosen is from my 'Botanical Lane' collection and is my favourite so far as I'm still developing my style. (It will probably have changed again by next week!) I think it's the textures that draw me to it, as if it has been hand pressed. 
I would like to thank Gillian for sending me such a lovely pattern it is representative of her work which is very delicate and pretty. She is inspired by many things, especially by nature, so a lot of her patterns are floral or organic. I find her patterns elegant and pleasing with beautiful subtle colour palettes, all quite suited to homewares and apparel. Her botanic collections are especially strong although her work is varied and her portfolio full of versatile patterns. My favourites of all her collections are Flower Bed Folly and Winter Petals.

One of her designs has already been featured in the first edition of the MOYO magazine and as she claims to have a 'fascination' for all things print and pattern I'm sure this is just the beginning of a successful career for Gillian in surface pattern design.
You can see more of her portfolio here or join her on Facebook here.


  1. Dawn thank you SO much for this feature. You're brilliant! x

  2. Such a lovely design Gillian ! :)