Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dream Design 8 - Kathryn Pledger

Today I welcome Kathryn Pledger who is a Graphic Designer (turned) Surface Pattern Designer just like me! Originally from Australia she is now based in London, UK. Below you will find her chosen pattern and its 'Dream' application.

Here is my 'Elephant petal' pattern that I submitted to the Threadless Trina Turk pattern competition. How amazing would it be to see people wearing your designs!

I'm very new to surface pattern design having only started designing patterns a few months ago after beginning the fantastic online course 'The art and business of surface pattern design.' I love designing patterns and I wish I had started doing what I love a long time ago.

My dream is to quit doing Graphic Design and start doing Surface Pattern Design full time. I would love to see my patterns on textiles for fashion and interiors. My ultimate dream would be to have my own label and spend all my days designing scarfs, wallpaper, bedspreads and pillows!

Kathryn's patterns can be very graphic and therefore they have a strong visual impact. I enjoy the fact that she uses a lot of layers and textures in her work and this is always worked through with lovely colour palettes. Her patterns are fabulous I find it hard to believe she has been designing patterns for such a short time. A very versatile designer she also has a great feel for typography and at times uses whimsical and fun ideas. Kathryn has had four designs chosen for the upcoming Patternbase book and one of her designs was included in the first issue of Moyo magazine.

Now I have taken a very close look at Kathryn's work I am convinced she is doing the right thing in pursuing her dream to become a full time Surface Pattern Designer and I am sure she will enjoy success in her new chosen career. Please take time to look at her portfolio on

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  1. Good post! Nice to learn a little more about kathryn and to see the actual mock up of her design on dress. Julie