Monday, October 15, 2012

Dream Design 9 - Amanda Taylor

Today I am pleased to welcome Amanda Taylor to Dream Designs. She is a Surface Designer, based in Leicester, UK. Below you will find her lovely bold floral pattern and discover what her dream application would be for it.

I have always loved home interiors, and love looking for new ideas and inspiration for my home. This Poppy repeat is one of the 1st designs I created on the ABSPD course but it is one of my favorites. I would love to be able to paper one of my walls at home with it so my dream application is wallpaper on a site such as or I think it would be a great bold floral feature wall to give maximum impact to a lounge or dining room wall.
Amanda is a very creative person and declares to 'have a passion for print, pattern, colour, design, graphics and craft'. She draws inspiration from the outdoors and you will find florals and wildlife are heavily featured in her work. 
Although Amanda has chosen a very bold and colourful pattern for her Dream Design I find a lot of her work is very 'pretty' with a lovely use of colour. Sometimes graphic, sometimes hand drawn, sometimes whimsical her collections are a delight to see. Amanda has a very versatile style making her work perfect for interiors, homeware or stationery products. 
Please find time to browse over at her blog here and take in her lovely designs. 
P.S. From reading her blog I have realised that she loves making lists... just like me!!! :)

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