Saturday, September 8, 2012

Above the Butcher's shop

It is very hard to know where to begin to describe this shopfront and why I love it so much.
A "macelleria" (which means Butcher's) with so many strange and ugly things all together in one place! The typeface is horrendous with a choice of red which I think has quite an unhappy association with a butcher's shop. The sun canopies above the windows would be much more at home on a beach with their garish colour scheme. The curtains at the windows seem very "cheap", I can feel their thick cut out pattern without going anywhere near them. But the shrine is the icing on the cake, a vase on each side complete with plastic flowers, and, horror upon horror the electric lightbulb halo! Nevertheless I have grown to love this shopfront and when I ride past on my bike, whatever the time of day or season, the halo lights are always turned on and in perfect working order. I think someone must be taking pretty good care of them!

I have added this photograph to my album of Turin snapshots on Flickr, take a look here.

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  1. you are right Dawn... it is awful! but sometimes things that we don't like start to "like" us just 'cause we look at them way too often (ihihihi) ^_^