Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dream Design 2 - Elizabeth Olwen

The second designer to take part in the Dream Designs feature is ELIZABETH OLWEN a Toronto-based surface designer. Here is her beautiful pattern and her description of it.

Why I love this, and my dream application:
When I created this pattern, it brought back memories of my childhood and the beautiful bedspread I had in my room. This pattern captures the spirit of those memories… it's soft and lovely and flowery, and would create a lovely backdrop for young girls daydreaming about the days to come, like I did. I think it would look wonderful as bedding for a company like Dwell Studio.

When I had a closer look at Elizabeth's work I was overwhelmed by the beauty and elegance of all her pretty designs. She has a very distinct style which is gentle and soothing, I am in love with her colour palettes and her collections are individual and entertaining. Her dream to see this pattern printed on bedding is a perfect application for this design. It would be so relaxing and romantic to curl up in some crisp sheets with such a beautiful design on them. I do hope that Dwell Studio might consider using some of her patterns as they would be well suited to their products.
Elizabeth recently won the Tigerprint 'Men's pattern' design competition you can see her winning design here, and she has a series of notecards coming out with teNeues in January 2013. 

PLEASE take time to look at her beautiful website I can assure you it is well worth it.

I will be back on Friday with more Dream Designs and their authors, until then :)

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