Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dream Design 6 - Simi Gauba

Today I am very pleased to welcome Simi Gauba, a surface designer who lives in Sweden. She has chosen a pattern which shows off her lovely design skills and has outlined her dream application for it.

Here is my design called 'Karan'. It is a mix of my indian heritage and my own rendition of colors and motifs I grew up with. I think I saw my mum wear a lot of similar motifs in her clothing and that's where it originates from-happy memories.

Dream Product for the pattern : Cushion/Pillow for the living room.
Dream Company to sell the product to : Ã…hlens or Indiska in Sweden.

I absolutely love Simi's style and I admire her work tremendously. I find that she has good taste and a great colour sense. The pattern Simi has chosen as her Dream Design is very rich, warm and colourful and I could easily imagine it both on silky fabrics or thick upholstery fabrics. The pattern is part of a collection which I believe she is still working on and I can't wait to see the whole collection when it is finished. She also has some very modern designs which I also enjoy as they have a great contemporary and innovative feel to them. 

Her greatest achievement yet is 'Having won the Print and Pattern Scholarship back in April 2012 to get a place in the fab course ABSPD run by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls'. 

I recommend a close look at her blog here it is full of her lovely work and interesting posts about design which she declares to 'celebrate' and that it 'makes her extremely happy'... well that makes two of us then!

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