Friday, September 7, 2012

Dream Designs

Today I am launching the logo for a new feature on my blog which will be called Dream Designs. Personally when I am designing I often envisage a product or surface on which that design would look super and fit a treat. Maybe I fantasize that an incredible client has commisioned the work which I am working on at that moment in time. I find this process both useful and enjoyable.

I thought it would be entertaining to ask other designers to imagine what product would suit their favourite design or what their "dream" realization for this piece would be. From next Monday onwards I will be featuring selected surface designers who have kindly agreed to share a piece of work and a dream with us!

The posts will be deliberately short so it will only take a minute to check by on my blog and delight in a super design and it's imaginary conclusion. So please come back on Monday and have a peep at my first designer and her "dream" application.

I am inviting a number of designers to take part in the Dream Designs theme, if you would like to take part just send me an e-mail at and I will get back to you... you never know who might be reading, so remember "the sky's the limit".