Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Doodling in blue and black!

Good morning. I want to share a few of my doodles with you. 
Yesterday I spent some time with my doodle board a black pen and a piece of sticky blue paper... heaven. I really enjoyed myself and I created lots of motifs which I will be taking up again to work into pattern designs. 

My doodle board is quite addictive and I find it is leading me away from what I thought was my style! ... the only thing I can do is keep doodling and hope that it takes me somewhere nice. I do hope you enjoy them?


  1. Loving these Dawn! The blue and black works really well x

  2. blue an black look's fine by me
    looking forward to the follow on x

  3. I thought you would like them Esther they remind me a little of your style :)