Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dream Design 5 - Esther Cox

Today I wish to share a great design and 'Dream' with you from Esther Cox who is a Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator based in Brighton, UK. She tells us in her own words...

I adore 1950s design; its futuristic structures, craft influences and whimsical style. This pattern sums that up for me. I adore the ceramics too and I would love to see my work on the likes of Poole, Portmeirion or even Marimekko! What I enjoyed about deconstructing this pattern to create the plate design was that the elements so quickly became reminiscent of an olive, cocktail stick, canape... That seems to suit the whimsical inspiration and its intended purpose.

If I could say something about Esther's work it would definately be abstract with a large dose of whimsical personality! There is also a strong retro influence but this reoccurs in a refreshing and sometimes 'sparkly' way. I enjoy all her patterns with light backgrounds, it is so nice to pick out the elements one by one and it emphasises her illustrative style. She designs some pretty cool seedpods which are hard to identify but beautiful original creations in their own right! Her work lends itself perfectly to ceramics but I could visualise it on many other homeware products too. 

Reading her blog I discovered she comes from a very creative and talented family so it must be in her genes to create such wonderful and original patterns. Please take time to visit her blog here which is full of interesting articles, her surface pattern designs, illustration and all things sewn. LOVELY!

I will be back next week with another Dream Design feature, remember if you would like to take part just email me at

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